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Chrysler Warranty

If you own a Chrysler, you’re one of the thousands of customers that own this iconic vehicle brand. However, just like any other vehicle, it is subject to breakdowns and unexpected malfunctions. To address this issue, Chrysler offers its customers a standard Chrysler warranty for all its vehicles. Chrysler warranty coverage may vary from model to model and may often be subject to limitations across different generations of models. You may also have purchased Chrysler extended warranty at some point. Choose your model below and learn more about Chrysler warranty for a particular model.

Has your Chrysler warranty already expired and needs to be extended? Chrysler warranty cannot be extended but you can get a vehicle service plan that offers comprehensive breakdown protection.

Why pay expensive repair bills yourself? Get a free breakdown protection quote NOW!

Chrysler warranty information available for models below:

Don’t get stuck with expensive repair bills. If you carry expired Chrysler warranty, extended service plan may protect you against breakdowns. Get a free quote here!

chrysler warranty

Chrysler Warranty FAQs

What’s included in original manufacturer Chrysler warranty?

Specific coverage always varies by model, year and unique promotion. In general, Chrysler warranty usually covers vehicles up to 36,000 miles or 36 months: labor and parts. Basic Chrysler warranty covers engine and electric components on the vehicle.

What’s usually NOT included in original Basic Chrysler Warranty?

Any maintenance costs (lubrication, tune up, replacing filters, etc) are not covered by Chrysler warranty. Any modifications to your Chrysler void the warranty on parts modified.

What is Chrysler Extended Warranty?

In theory, Chrysler extended warranty is an extension of Chrysler’s original warranty. The reality is that such “extension” does not really exist as it is not possible to truly “extend” the original warranty. Instead, Chrysler owners purchase extended service contract from a 3rd party provider to gain coverage above and beyond what they would’ve expected with Chrysler extended warranty.

Is there a difference between Chrysler Extended Warranty and Chrysler Service Plan?

In short, NO. Chrysler service plan is the breakdown protection product most people have in mind when shopping for Chrysler Extended Warranty. Chrysler warranty (originally provided by the manufacturer) cannot be truly extended, so extended protection is provided by a 3rd party provider.

My Chrysler Warranty has expired or about to expire. What do I do?

It is very risky to drive without an active breakdown protection. If your Chrysler warranty has expired or about to expire, you are going to be exposed to potential repair bills that can run in thousands of dollars. Don’t delay! Get a free breakdown protection quote now.

Do you have Chrysler warranty information for all models?

Our warranty specialists compiled information for many Chrysler models including: 300, 200, Sebring, Town & Country and PT Cruiser. Just click on the model you own to get more information.